Jan. 25, 2022

Your Type May be Toxic w/ Dina Rifkin author of “Date Better, Darling”

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Ever feel like you are dating the same person over and over? Are you skilled at zeroing in on the wrong and toxic partner? 

Finding your life partner is the biggest and most important decision you can make, yet we aren’t taught how to be in a relationship, let alone how to screen for potential partners.

Tune in as Dina shares her journey of dating mishaps and her mission to teach others how to date better.  In doing so, she went on 71 dates to find the right relationship and in the process worked out a whole new paradigm of dating to share with us.

Guest Information: To learn more about Dina Rifkin, author of Date Better Darling, and founder of Love + Love + Qi click here


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Dina J. RifkinProfile Photo

Dina J. Rifkin


Dina J. Rifkin is an international author, speaker, healer, coach, and ordained priestess, as well as the founder of Love + Qi.

It's been said that our crucibles become our calling. It's certainly been the case for Dina.

She started her journey battling chronic illness, heartbreak, and poverty. She ran from pain to pain until she had nowhere left to go but within. Her road towards healing — and finding love —
became the foundation of a life with more meaning, joy, and transformation than she could have imagined.

Today, Dina uses the tools she learned on her journey to help others find their own healing, purpose, and love. She brings a
refreshing blend of inner work, strategy, and spirituality to support profound inner and outer change.

Dina's new book, Date Better, Darling! is becoming a much-loved guide for dating from the heart. It's based on her own adventure of going on 71 dates in a year. It's full of profile and date strategies, inner work, and self-care tips that help readers learn to find real love while loving themselves.