April 11, 2023

Your Body Is The Portal To Your Soul w/ Iris Angellys

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Do you treat your pet or loved ones better than you treat your body? Do you hate your body on your body? 

So many people are disconnected from their bodies, just dragging them around, barely paying any attention to them, and yet, your body is this incredibly intelligent temporary home you have been gifted in this lifetime. It is constantly communicating with you and is well-equipped to live healthfully on planet Earth if you can learn to tune in and decode your body's messages.

In this episode, Dr. Iris Angellys, Chiropractor, Applied Kinesiologist, and workshop facilitator, shares how your body is the portal to your soul and if you want to heal your body and the planet, you have to start paying attention to the messages you are receiving.  It is time to tune into this innate wisdom and you can start by tuning into this episode for some ways to listen and take conscious action that is good for the whole.

To learn more about Iris Angellys visit:https://www.irisangellys.com/

The title of the book written by Iris is: Your Body Is The Portal To Your Soul

This is the body gratitude meditation Iris mentioned in the podcast:

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Iris Angellys (author's name)


I am a chiropractor and applied kinesiologist and workshop facilitator. I am also the author of "Passion to Thrive, Reclaim your life's potential, purpose, passion and power", which is a women's empowerment book, and I am about to publish "Your body is the portal to your soul. Your body has the answers! Make it your best friend." Most people have an ambiguous (at best) or hate relationship with their body, and this book gives them the tools to understand what the body is and how it communicates with us. Your body loves you! It wants to thrive! And if your body thrives, you can thrive and express your soul's desire in this life. The more we live in our bodies, as opposed to in our minds or our emotions, the more consciously present we can be in our lives, the more alive and joyful we can be. When the book launches I will offer an online course that teaches you different practices to deepen your connection with the body, to understand what it is trying to tell you so the two of you can have a fantastic lifetime together.
The ONLY being you are absolutely guaranteed to spend the rest of your life with is your body. Make it your best friend!
This isn't really a bio, sorry.
Fun fact about me: I was born in Denmark, and I have lived in 5 (6 if you count Scotland separately, which you probably should) different European countries before setting in Australia 26 years ago.
So use whichever bits you like :)
Check out my youtube channel for fabulous meditations, poems and podcasts. You can find out about my online workshops on my Facebook page.