Nov. 1, 2021

What Your Chocolate Cravings are Telling You w/ Devon Loftus of Moon Cycle Bakery

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Is it really the best chocolate cake of your life...or are you just on your period? So many women have cravings around hormonal changes, particularly with our periods, and it’s no coincidence. Our bodies are constantly speaking to us and working to recalibrate. There are ways that the right foods can help us replenish essential nutrients to stabilize and balance mood swings and emotions.

In this episode, Devon Loftus will help you embrace your body, your period, and its cycles. She’ll also share tips on emotional well-being and give us teasers on her upcoming books.   

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Devon LoftusProfile Photo

Devon Loftus

Moon Cycle Bakery

Devon Loftus is a writer, speaker and the founder of Moon Cycle Bakery — a wellness based business that focuses on the menstrual cycle and creates sweet treats and food related products to help support women hormonally, spiritually and emotionally. She likes to share thoughts and experiences, particularly as a woman and a mother (and a human), on social media.

Devon currently lives, works and writes from New Jersey. She is heavily influenced by her time spent living on the west coast, holistic health, her family and the human experience.

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