Dec. 14, 2021

What if Everything you Learned About Aging is Wrong? w/Jane Mann Creator & Founder of the Anma Facial Contouring Device & Skin Works

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Jane is no longer obsessed with every little line or change she sees in her face and body as she “grows up”. Instead, she has taken on acceptance as a key factor in what she is calling “aging soulfully”. 

In this episode, Jane shares what she has come to learn in her close to 30 years in the beauty industry covering topics like: 

The mother cell and how it affects aging...
How your thoughts and emotions contribute to wrinkles…
How botox affects unconscious and verbal communication…
Perhaps your soul is more of a determining factor in how you look than you realize…

Guest Information:Jane Mann is the founder and creator of  Anma Facial Tool, Lift & Skin Works.  To learn more about Jane Mann and her business click here


Show Info: Watch future episodes of the podcast on YouTube.

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jane mann

Besides her clients in the Las Vegas area, many travel from as far away as the east coast for treatment by Jane. She brings a level of knowledge and skill to the treatment of acne and other skin conditions you will be hard pressed to find elsewhere. Jane uses leading edge technology, the highest quality products, and a level of expertise second to none. Microcurrent, Venus Viva, luxurious facials, customized treatments, home options and more.

She lectures and trains professionals across the U.S. on Facial Contour Massage techniques and other specialty treatments. “When it comes to anti-aging; there seems to be desperation with a lot of women trying to preserve what once was. I offer the balance between defying Mother Nature and going too far. If one can step back and look at products, ingredients, procedures with more of a common-sense approach versus and an emotional approach results are far better.” – Jane Mann.