July 26, 2022

What Do Repeating Numbers Mean? w/ Liza Spiridon of Numerology Catalyst

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Numerology seems to be capturing people's curiosity and attention these days and is so much more than just seeing repeating numbers. It is both the mystical science of numbers and a universal language. Numerology is also a powerful tool for understanding yourself and your unique talents and gifts.

Liza Spiridon of Numerology Catalyst loves decoding people’s numbers to help bring them back to themselves and what really matters. When you get confirmation of your innate essence and life's path, this can help you live the life you are meant to live, and not succumb to other people's ideas of who you should or should not be.

Tune in to see firsthand how your traits and gifts are written in your numbers as Liza gives your host, Lisa Eddy, a sample reading.  It is shockingly precise!

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To learn more about  Liza Spiridon and Numerology Catalyst, clickhere.

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Liza Spiridon

Numerology Catalyst

Liza Spiridon is a Global Numerology Of Wealth expert, having studied Numerology for over 20 years.
For the past 5 years, she has been using Numerology to help herself and clients to catalyze wealth according to their personal numbers and the cycle they are in. Her passion is to decode your numbers to catalyze a wealthy life, offering tools for those who desire sovereignty. Through Numerology her clients have a deeper understanding of themselves and others. Numbers are not just in a person's chart, but in our businesses, home addresses, street names, and much more!