You're Not Living if You're Not Moving w/ Dr. Melissa MacDonald | Lisa Eddy

And if you are moving, and want to stay moving, you have to keep moving, which is why Dr. McDonald, aka “Dr. Mac” is advocating for you. She believes you are an athlete in your own life, whether your sport is, carrying all the groceries in one trip, playing with the children in the backyard, or going for a walk. 

With so much misinformation about how to treat and heal injuries available at our fingertips, it is essential we get some truths straight from the pros. Tune in as Dr. McDonald busts myths on squats, icing, and bad knees. She also addresses common questions such as: 

What are the best shoes to wear to prevent injuries? 
Should I avoid moving when I am recovering from an injury?
What is the best way to address and heal a former injury that never healed properly and has been an issue for years? 
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