Want to Heal the Planet? w/Sarah McLeod of Vision Weaving | Lisa Eddy

So does Sarah McLeod. In fact, she is on a mission to heal the planet one heart at a time. Truly, the best way to do it really is to start with the “man (or woman) in the mirror”, by going inside to face your demons and recognizing that your nemeses are your gurus. 

In this conversation, Sarah McLeod, the founder of Vision Weaving, shares how she learned from her Vedic meditation teacher to sit with what scared her the most which was going inside. Once she did this and healed herself, she knew it was her time to share the natural overflow to assist and be of service for others to heal.  That is the beauty of healing yourself. As you heal yourself, it has a ripple effect and affects everyone in your sphere. 

To learn more about Sarah McLeodd  and Vision Weaving visit: www.linktr.ee/Sarahmcleod.visionweaving

Listen to the podcast version here: https://www.youtube.com/c/LisaEddy
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