Understanding Your Soul's Purpose w/Divinely Jennifer | Lisa Eddy

Ever wish that you came with a manual? YOU DO! 
It is called your natal blueprint and holds the keys to understanding soul's purpose here.
This, my friend, is the gift of astrology.

Where the planets were aligned at the exact time of your birth, speaks volumes about who you are, what you are doing here, and what you are destined for given the right guidance and choice. The beauty in understanding your chart and these parts of yourself is that it is incredibly validating! 

In this episode, Divinely Jennifer, a registered nurse, traditional naturopath, and psychic channel, turned intuitive astrologer, shares so much wisdom about what we are stepping into as we are evolving as a species and planet. She includes a sample reading on me so you can get a taste of the magic it (and she) hold!

To learn more about Divinely Jennifer visit: http://www.divinelyjennifer.com

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