The Power of Love w/ Joseph Atalig of Love Theory | Lisa Eddy

Self-love seems to be the new topic of the hour. Everywhere you turn on social these days, it's all about self-love and self-care - which absolutely thrills me - but no one seems to be sharing the “how to” or the “road map” to self-love because most of us don't know!

We often only love ourselves when we meet some societal standards we are taught we need to achieve in order to be loveable. Self-love has become this performance-based reward system we secretly play... “When I do this, then I will be worthy of my love.”

Tune in as Joseph Atalig of Love Theory shares the power of love and the truth about the journey to it (and it’s likely not what you think!). The interesting and ironic thing is that sometimes the path to self-love seems like the exact opposite of it! It is often through our lowest and darkest moments that we finally truly crack open to fully love and accept ourselves.

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