The Path Of Self Discovery w/Kris Franken | Lisa Eddy

Kris is a powerful yet unarming force of love who encourages you to not be afraid of the mess. Things are always going to be messy, and it's the mess that invites us to expand! The reason she is able to support others at this level is that she has been able to sit with her shadow and mess. This is the beauty of having a mentor who has walked the path, they can lend a hand that says, don’t worry, I’ve been there, I got you.

If you are new to the journey of self-development and spirituality or are in the process of delving deeper and feeling like you need a little guidance or inspiration, this episode is for you.

Tune in as we discuss:

How to choose if a mentor is right for you
Trusting yourself and your intuition
The power of love
Chocolate obsession ...
And much more!
Guest Information: To learn more about Kris Franken, click here.

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