The Key To Living an Enriched and Healthy Life w/Sandy Kruse, RHN & Podcaster | Lisa Eddy

Have we made our holistic health regimens too rigid? Are we causing more stress as a result? 

It seems that for many of us, our workouts have turned into workouts on steroids and what would seemingly be healthy lifestyle habits have become obsessive. This includes ensuring you are getting into the infrared sauna for the correct number of minutes, at just the right temperature, and absorbing your vitamin d naturally by getting your sun in the face for the right amount of time at the right time of day. This is causing more stress than good. 

It all comes down to balance. 

Tune in as Sandy K, Registered  Holistic Nutritionist and Podcaster, shares how she finds balance in health through nutrition, lifestyle, joy, and ease so that you can feel and look good as you age. 

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Book: Messages from the Body Book by Michael Lincoln, Ph.D.

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