The Best Lessons I’ve Learned From Great Women Leaders | SOLO

In honor of Women’s History Month and to pay homage to the women leaders who are instrumental in paving the way with courage in creating safety, justice, freedom, and a better life for others, I highlight some of our Great women leaders of yesterday and today.

In this episode, in their honor, I am sharing some of the most impactful lessons, wisdom, gifts, and tips I have acquired over the years from the women leaders and mentors I follow, have been inspired by, or have personally hired.

And to all of the women who use their voice and power for good to educate, honor, and inspire others to rise up into their highest expression of themselves, thank you.
You are priceless!

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Show notes:
To read the full version of the “Our Deepest Fear” poem by Marianne Williamson that Lisa mentioned in this episode, read here:

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The books Lisa mentioned are A Woman’s’ Worth by Marianne Williamson and A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson.

The title of the movie Lisa mentioned about Harriet Tubman is Harriet.

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