That Shit Will Come Out Your Skin w/ Liz Roman & Becca Chilcz | Lisa Eddy

Can constipation and digestion issues actually cause breakouts, rashes and dandruff? 100%! In fact, Internal imbalances are major causes of every skin condition out there. If you have not heard me say it before, I will say it again, whatever is not coming out your pee, your poo, or your sweat is coming out your skin. 

Liz Roman and Becca Chilcz, are Nutritional Consultants and the co-Hosts of the Food Code Podcast. They have some serious experience and thoughts on this through extremely challenging personal health issues and have come to understand the flaws in our system in regard to diet, health, gut health, and true nutrition. This power duo is on a mission to flip the script on diet culture and all of the misinformation out there to help empower women to heal through eating whole nutrient dense foods and gaining control of their wellness. 

Tune in as we bust some myths and shine some light into the darkness that is the standard American diet and diet culture. 

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