Summer Makeup Tips: Your Popsicle Should Melt in the Sun, Not You! w/ Guest Jordan David | Lisa Eddy

This interview is timely as we are in the midst of our hot summer days and nights here in the Northern Hemisphere. Makeup melting is always an issue in extreme heat. Tune in as Jordan David, a former professional makeup artist on commercials, films & the red carpet in Hollywood, shares some incredible pointers on how to keep your makeup from melting in the summer heat.

The topic and tips expand beyond how to not melt your face off including touching on:
-The truth about the sun & light
-Breathwork and more!

Though Jordan David has traded his passion for makeup to pursue his passion for Social Justice and is not currently doing makeup, this talk was too good to just let it sit on my IG grid! This needs to be spread far & wide, hence the birth of Sacred Beauty Talks. Please note, that you will be seeing more of the Sacred Beauty Talks coming soon!