Smiling in the Shower w/Dr. Tonia Winchester | Lisa Eddy

Why is it so hard to eat our broccoli or to make any of the lifestyle changes we truly desire?
There is so much more at play than meets the eye with us incredibly beautiful and complex beings!

Some of our programming and how we respond to situations - such as life events and trauma - was installed by other people when we were much younger and less capable of comprehending or handling what was transpiring. At any rate, these programs or files that were installed are typically on lockdown in our subconscious and therefore we are completely unaware of their presence and how they are negatively impacting us.

Tune in, as Dr. Tonia Winchester, Neurolinguistics Programming Master Coach, Naturopathic Doctor, and author shares:

practical tips to get in touch with “what's good for me that I want more of” and “what's not good for me that I want less of.”
the benefits of active rest and how to get it
the benefits of sleep and what may be standing in the way of it
And more!
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The Book, Smiling in the Shower, by Dr. Tonia Winschester on How to calm your mind, sleep deeply, and find Joy & Energy in Your Life..
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