Sacred Sleep: For Living Your Best Life w/ Ayurvedic Health Coach Amayra Morales | Lisa Eddy

Is sleep more important than diet & exercise? According to Ayurveda, a medical system that is over 5000 years old and based on disease prevention, it is indeed. We regenerate and heal when we are sleeping. When your body is not able to rest and heal properly, dis-ease sets in. Ayurveda views health as the vehicle to fulfill your dharma, or life purpose because if you are not healthy, you can’t do what you came here to do! 

In this episode, Ayurveda Health Coach, Amayra Morales shares tips on proper sleep hygiene like what helps it; what disturbs it; when to start prepping for it (it’s likely not when you think!) as well as how to use this ancient wisdom to listen to your body before you get smacked upside the head with a health crisis.

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Show notes: The book Amayra mentioned is The Top Five Regrets of the Dying by Bronnie Ware

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