Move Your Emotions Like Your Poop w/Rachel Kaplan of The Healing Feeling Sh*t Show | Lisa Eddy

You cant feel like your most radiant, beautiful self when you are holding trapped emotions in your psyche and body! 

Rachel Kaplan has been a licensed psychotherapist in practice for 17+ years and is also the creator and host of the iTunes acclaimed New and Noteworthy podcast, The Healing Feeling Sh*t Show. Even in the therapeutic world, there are profound misunderstandings regarding emotions and healing. Rachel is on a mission to simplify and make it really clear and fun to create emotional resilience which she deems better than happy. 

Tune in if you are ready for a lot of poop talk steeped in rich, practical tips, sprinkled with loads of wisdom and humor. It’s’ time to stop putting a “scratch and sniff sticker on a pile of poo” and start dealing with your shit.

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