It’s Time the Masculine and Feminine Come Together to Heal  w/Stacey Cooper | Lisa Eddy

When Stacey Cooper, Breathwork Facilitator, Energy Healer, and Trauma Coach, came out and started speaking about her rape experience, pre the MeToo movement, she realized just how many women were also suffering from previous assaults and needed an outlet to speak about it and to heal from it. 70% of the women at her talks had been violated in this way. How is this possible these numbers are so high? Rape isn't about sex it’s about power and rage. 

We need to start with how we are raising our young men and supporting them in coming together in the community to share and release and channel their anger and rage. Many other countries have primal warrior dances that not only help our boys and men release and channel their anger and rage, but these dances also lead them to revere the feminine as the bringers of life -  we don't have that here! 

Tune in to listen as Stacey Cooper shares how she healed and now helps others from this trauma.
We also talk about ideas to support our boys and men and how we can come together to heal generations of trauma, aggression, and abuse. 

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The film Lisa referenced is actually called: The Mask You Live in by Jennifer Siebel Newsom

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