Heal Your Heart, Transform Your Life w/ Dr. Marcia Martin the Heart Healer | Lisa Eddy

Ever notice how the most kind, happy people shine brighter… That there is an inner glow radiating from them? 

True beauty really is an inside job. It is also true that when we are not doing well inside, it’s hard to hide. If your heart is hurting no amount of makeup, good food, or skin care can mask the hurt permeating from you.  

Dr. Marcia Martins’ greatest joy is to help you heal your heart and transform your life, with a special emphasis on helping empaths heal from narcissistic abuse.

Tune in as Dr. Marcia Martin speaks on topics like: 
- Inner radiance versus outer beauty
- Healing after narcissistic abuse
- Signs of physical and emotional abuse
- Identifying self deprecating behavior 

To learn more about visit: Dr Marcia Martin The Heart Healer, https://www.mmhearthealer.com/

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