Happy Birthday SBL! A Year in Review | Lisa Eddy

In honor of the Sacred Beauty Lifestyle Podcast’s 1 year birthday today - 11/1/2022 - we have something a little different and special for you. Lisa gets interviewed by her dear friend, John Chao, host of the Perspective Maintenance Podcast. John asks some fun and interesting questions to learn and share the vision behind the podcast, where the podcast is going, and a bit of a deep dive into this podcast’s journey.

Tune in to learn the beauty and power of listening to your intuition and taking action in your life and business. In this fun and authentic interview Lisa reveals:

Why she started the podcast
The top 3 things you might not know about her
Her most embarrassing moments here
As well as tips for potential podcasters, interviewers and interviewees! And more...

Thank you to our amazing listeners for making the Sacred Beauty Lifestyle Podcast what it is today. We are looking forward to many more years with you. After all, the SBL Podcast knows all about age preservation. Wink, wink.​​

Guest Information: To learn more about the Host, Lisa Eddy, click here.

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Show Info:

Here is the link to the Rescue Remedy Flower Essence drops by Bach, Lisa mentioned in this episode: here: https://a.co/d/dcBecQU

Here are the links to the episodes Lisa mentioned in this episode:

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April 5 2022 with Dr. Chris Holder, Are energetics and spirituality the missing links? https://sacredbeautylifestyle.com/25

February 22 2022 with Serene Martinez of Pink Bunny, Choosing Joy: https://sacredbeautylifestyle.com/20

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