Gene Expression: How Community Builds Immunity w/ Dr. Ibby Omole | Lisa Eddy

What if having a tight community is the missing link? 

As we began to understand the field of epigenetics, which is how the environment influences genetic expression, we have come to understand that genes are not fixed. Genes turn on and off like Christmas trees. This is great news because this is an indicator that you have way more control over your health than you were taught. 

In this episode, Dr. Ibby Omole, an Acupuncturist, and Naturopathic doctor shares her lifestyle approach to medicine. After a health scare herself, Dr. Omole has come to learn firsthand how important lifestyle-oriented medicine is and how prevention is 100% the key. It’s time to look at your health and wellness from a full holistic perspective -  the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual pieces of the puzzle. 

We are not meant to be as isolated as many of us have become. Animals thrive in communities and so do we. Tune in to learn how to take full control of your health and wellness - mind, body, and soul. 

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