Are you stuck in your B.S.? w/Heidi Fossali, Life Reboot Coach | Lisa Eddy

Your B.S., as in your belief system, can be a trickster. It is far too common for your thoughts to go unchecked and as a result, you could actually build a life that isn't fully in alignment with you and your heart's desires. This is especially true for women as we are so good at accommodating, adjusting, and downplaying our own needs and dreams to caretake and please others, that we just adapt and behave according to how we are taught we are “supposed” to be. 

In this episode, Heidi Fossali, Life Reboot Coach, shares what holds so many women back from building the life of their dreams and how to identify if your belief systems are indeed holding you back. Sometimes these beliefs aren't even your own. They can be brought on by family, society, a partner, or a teacher. Before you know it you could be living the life of someone else’s dreams, not your own. 

Tune in as we talk about: 
- Permission and acceptance 
- Values and beliefs 
- Aging like a Euro
- Feeling sexy at any age and stage of your life. 
- Connection as the secret sauce 

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