June 7, 2022

The Way We Think About Aging is Dead Wrong w/ Lisa Eddy

I would like to set the record straight because we have got it all twisted - worldwide and particularly here in the U.S. - the way we think about aging is dead wrong!

Aging does not start on the surface of your skin and therefore is not something to address solely by using topical products and treatments. We have a heck of a lot more control over our beauty and the aging process
than we are taught!

In this episode, I share many truths about aging, including things you may be doing that are aging you, and what you can do to prevent and reverse aging now…and it may not be what you think!



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Lisa Eddy

Soul + Skin Mentor

Lisa Eddy is the founder of the Sacred Beauty Lifestyle podcast and an expert in holistic skin care, helping women regain and retain their true power and beauty, naturally, inside and out, so they can shine on and off camera at any stage and age.
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