April 19, 2022

The Balanced Leader: Connecting Empathy & Insight w/ Transformational Coach Beth Seed

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Want to learn how to listen to your intuition?
Ready to speak your truth and show up authentically?

Most of us are not taught to listen and lead with our hearts.  Yet, we have a deep intuitive knowing that leading with our hearts is exactly what we are meant to do.

Tune in as Beth Seed, shares deep insights and tools for merging your heart with your head.  Including a map to creating new neuro-pathways leading to true transformation.

The more you connect to your heart's intelligence,  the more likely you will have access to your emotions and create emotional wellness which gives you the power to lead with grace.

Guest Information:To learn more about Beth Seed & Beth Seed Coaching, click here.

Grab your copy of the "Four Practical Ways to Develop Emotional Maturity" here


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Beth SeedProfile Photo

Beth Seed

Transformational Coach

As a transformational coach, Beth helps women leaders and visionaries confidently and safely access their personal power. Beth uses impactful methods so women can claim their deepest purpose and make the changes they desire.

Longer Bio: As a transformational certified professional coach, Beth supports women to confidently access their personal power with grace using impactful methods to reclaim their passion and make meaning of their lives. For the past 25 years, Beth has been teaching women to lead with their heart intelligence and brilliant minds! Her clients walk away, understanding their deeper purpose with clarity, embracing the legacies they want to leave not only for themselves but for future generations. Beth currently resides in a charming mountain town where her five adult children come to frolic in all four seasons!

Grab your copy of the "Four Practical Ways to Develop Emotional Maturity" here: https://mailchi.mp/c2ce93028846/emotional-maturity-workbook