March 17, 2022

Slow & Low That IS the Tempo w/Lisa Eddy

There is a new paradigm being born that requires you to be incredibly grounded, rooted, and steady.  The old way of over-doing and pushing through won’t get you there.

This new way also requires deep listening.  It is essential to your well-being - dare I say paramount to your functioning moving forward - and it is time we come into more ease which is where our true power lies.

Tune in to learn my 5 tips to help you move into this new paradigm with ease and grace. We need new tools for these new times. 


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Lisa Eddy

Soul + Skin Mentor

Lisa is an amazon best selling author (Find Your Voice, Save Your Life Volume 2) and an award-winning esthetician, who has been a leader, educator, and mentor in the beauty industry for the past 25 years. She is the creator of the Sacred Beauty Lifestyle podcast,  Lisa Eddy Skin Food (her unique blend of raw + organic cream + oils), and her signature Sacred Beauty Method mentorship. She empowers women business owners to be confident on video so they can become the magnetic face of their business - you’re going to love her!