March 17, 2022

Slow & Low That IS the Tempo w/Lisa Eddy

There is a new paradigm being born that requires you to be incredibly grounded, rooted, and steady.  The old way of over-doing and pushing through won’t get you there.

This new way also requires deep listening.  It is essential to your well-being - dare I say paramount to your functioning moving forward - and it is time we come into more each which is where our true power lies.

Tune in to learn my 5 tips to help you move into this new paradigm with ease and grace.
We need new tools for these new times. 

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Lisa Eddy

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Lisa Eddy is the founder of the Sacred Beauty Lifestyle podcast and an expert in holistic skin care, helping women regain and retain their true power and beauty, naturally, inside and out, so they can shine on and off camera at any stage and age.
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