Feb. 1, 2022

Self Care: It’s not Vanity, It’s Sanity w/Poojah Johari of 7E Wellness

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We as a culture are realizing, more than ever, just how important self care is. The way we care for ourselves, not only radiates through our skin, it also speaks to how much we love ourselves. 

Skincare is a portal to self-care, and self-care is self-love.

Tune in as Pooja shares about microcurrent, the cutting edge, holistic alternative to injectables, and its vast benefits to the skin sans harm. She also shares the beauty secrets she adheres to having grown up in India. 

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pooja Johari


After receiving her Masters of Science in Biomedical Engineering from USC, Pooja Johari founded 7E Wellness in 2008 with the goal of naturally enhancing women’s beauty. At a young age, Pooja knew she wanted to pursue the beauty industry from a holistic approach that was non-invasive yet effective. Her passion for health and beauty is displayed throughout her company, 7E Wellness, as it offers professional grade, microcurrent devices that are used to lift and tone the facial muscles. Often used as an alternative to botox, 7E devices can be found not only in the homes of consumers, but in many professional spas throughout the country. Her expertise and zeal to help women achieve their most natural and youthful self is exemplified not only through her company but her personal achievements as well