Jan. 4, 2022

Sacred Parenting: A New Paradigm of Child Led Learning w/Rochelle McFarlane

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If you want something better and different for you and your family other than the “one size fits some” traditional model of teaching, you are not alone. In fact, the standardized schooling system is missing the mark with highly intuitive, empathic children and families.  

In this episode, Rochelle McFarlane, the founder of ESP Parent's Wellness Learning Centre, shares what happens when children are engaged and “playing” attention. This keeps their nervous system calm and in a state of wonder so they never leave the passionate realm of learning. This is next level “meeting our children where they are” with child-led learning. When we can teach our children that validation comes from within, they become limitless. 

Guest Information:To learn more about Rochelle and ESP Parent’s Wellness Learning Centre, where families and children learn about engaged sacred play, click here


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Rochelle McFarlaneProfile Photo

Rochelle McFarlane

Energetic Medicine Woman and parenting stress coach

Rochelle McFarlane is the founder of ESP Parent’s Wellness Learning Centre, the space where families learn about Engaged Sacred Play.

She’s an energetic medicine woman, certified International Kinesiology College Instructor, bio-energetic practitioner, an International Best Selling author and a sought after wellness speaker. For the last 25 years she has formulated a system that helps activate your innate healing ability so that you can live holistically happy. She’s a passionate playful mother of 4 homeschooled children and a wife of 19 years

You will often find her collecting sticks, vines, roots and flowers for nature art, drum mallets, dream catchers and drumming at the water’s edge honoring the moon & Mother Gaia.