Jan. 18, 2022

Sacred Organizing: Loving Yourself, Your Space & Your Life w/Ashley Moon of Creatively Neat

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Is your space making it hard for you to focus?  What are you spending your time and energy on? 

To be our most happy, productive, and aligned selves, we need to balance work, play, and rest. It is equally important to be able to "turn off" when we need to rest and get inspired when we need to take action. 

In this episode, Ashely Moon shares how decluttering your space can make you feel more creative, inspired, and energetic. She believes caring for your space is a form of self-care, and loves finding ways to help you get out of your own way to focus on what matters most.


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Ashley MoonProfile Photo

Ashley Moon

Decluttering Empowerment Coach, Organizing Master, Spiritual Intuitive

Ashley Moon is an Organizing Coach, helping creatives organize their time and space so they can truly master their potential and prosper while living their purpose. She is a reader of Tarot and Akashic Records, intuitively blending a practical and spiritual approach for the utmost empowering and sustainable experience.

Miss Moon dedicates her life to helping people let go and make space for the best version of themselves, in every aspect, as a way of life. She is an artist, activist, author, speaker, and group facilitator- often helping bridge the mind, body, space, and spirit. She has organized over a thousand clients and has reached millions more online. She has been featured on OWN, Buzzfeed, Hoarders, LA Times, WikiHow, and major influencers' Youtube Channels. She’s offered intuitive sessions at HBO events, Kiva cannabis parties, fabulous festivals, and intimate private gatherings.

She has an MA in Human Development, BA in American Studies, and extensive certifications within the realms of coaching, business, productivity, psychology, leadership, community organizing, and healing modalities. And always, she remains a student of life!

Get your gift workbook here: https://www.ashleymoon.net