Nov. 1, 2021

Sacred Business: Healing from Workplace Burnout w/ Elizabeth Ocean (née Beeds)

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As women, we tend to be over-givers. Some of us have toxic relationships with our businesses or our jobs, or we’re recovering workaholics. But you shouldn’t have to feel burnt out to pursue your dreams. 

In this conversation, Elizabeth Ocean (née Beeds), the founder of Holistic Business Network, shares how to honor your own health and spiritual connection, and generate revenue without segmenting or compartmentalizing your well-being and happiness. 

Ultimately, you need your energy to make a difference, and you should feel empowered to create a life and business without compromise.

Guest Information: To learn more about Elizabeth Ocean, and the Women's Holistic Business Academy, click here.


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Elizabeth Ocean (Née Beeds)Profile Photo

Elizabeth Ocean (Née Beeds)

Founder & CEO, Women's Holistic Business Academy

Empowering women to stand in their strength as holistic leaders, Elizabeth Beeds is a mentor and trainer for women in business. Through 25 years as a wellness entrepreneur, she founded Interior Wellness Magazine, Interior Wellness Festival, Mountain Spirit Festival and the Women’s Holistic Business Academy.

Elizabeth is extensively trained as a holistic practitioner and has thousands of hours of advanced work in many modalities including Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Massage, Herbal & Nutritional Healing, Reiki, Advanced Energy Healing, Ayurveda and Meditation to name just a few. She has worked as a Martial Arts instructor; Yoga Teacher; Nutritionist; Wilderness Guide; Yoga Studio Owner, Wellness Centre owner and as a large-scale Transformational Event Leader.

Elizabeth is a guide for entrepreneurial women: she trains holistic practitioners and spiritual teachers to fill their practice, lead transformational workshops and make money doing what they love. She stands for women having thriving businesses and balanced, fulfilling lives.

Download Elizabeth's Holistic Business Handbook: a step-by-step guide for creating the business and life of your dreams --