Oct. 25, 2022

Sacred Beauty: How to Live the Lifestyle w/John Chao of Perspective Maintenance Podcast

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So often you don’t see the innate value and beauty that you hold. Much of the time, this is because it can be hard to see your innate gifts as they seem ordinary to you. It’s also true that you are often looking through dirty or broken mirrors. You get imprints from how others see you and are often trying to fix yourself when it’s the mirror that is distorted, not you! 

Tune in as radical encourager and coach extraordinaire, John Chao, helps clean the mirrors to reflect the true beauty you hold.  In this episode, we talk about: 

  • the importance of community
  • coaching and leadership
  • reinventing yourself 
  • Honoring your body temple… and so much more!

Guest Information:To learn more about  John Chao, clickhere.
Show Info: Watch future episodes of the podcast onYouTube.

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John Chao


I’m a radical encourager and a change maker. I’m the host of the Perspective Maintenance podcast. I’ve transitioned from 15 years in the fashion industry where I helped people discover their style and confidence, to the coaching and podcasting industry where I now help people discover their better future and their truest self! I’m a personal development and assessment junkie. I have done almost every assessment under the sun because I find understanding the uniqueness of each person extremely valuable. My helping nature combined with my love for ideation means that I often come up with new ideas and I’m really good at helping people find clarity. I’m a big believer in support others. We’re all in this together - A rising tide lifts all boats!