Feb. 14, 2023

Reclaim Your Power w/ Kim Coffin of Get Your Sexy Back

*Trigger warning* This episode includes a recount of sexual assault. Be sure you are in a place to hear this and take care of yourself however you need.

Is it possible that the cause of the stress, overwhelm and depletion you are feeling is from unhealed trauma?  Or that the confidence and power you are seeking is locked inside you?

So many of us (especially woman) are storing trauma in our bodies. We see this manifested as hip pain, pelvis pain, and back pain. These unresolved stored emotions in the body may also keep you stuck in unhealthy patterns, unable to create the habits and changes you truly desire.

Kim Coffin, a once stressed out, burned out, self doubting, overgiving people pleaser has cracked the code. Tune in as Kim shares how humans can step back into their unapologetic power and go after the life they desire.

Kim Coffin is a certified Trauma Informed, Somatic (body-based) Empowerment, Sex, Love & Relationship Coach, and founder of Get Your Sexy Back.

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Kim Coffin

Trauma Informed, Somatic (body-based) Empowerment, Sex, Love & Relationship Coach

Kim is a certified Trauma Informed, Somatic (body-based) Empowerment, Sex, Love & Relationship Coach, graduate of Layla Martin’s Institute of Integrated Tantric Sexuality, and founder of Get Your Sexy Back.

She specializes in Female Sexuality, Tantric Sex and Relationship Transformation giving you the tools to unleash your sexual confidence and unlock profound new levels of self-love, pleasure, empowerment, and intimacy with yourself - and in your relationships!

By creating deep trust and safety in your body and mind, Kim will show you how to RECONNECT to your body, ACTIVATE your turn-on, HEAL heartbreak & shame, RECLAIM your natural sensual self so that you can fully step into your UNAPOLOGETIC POWER!

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