Oct. 18, 2022

Mo’ Money Mo’ Miracles w/Sandra Haseley of Sandra Haseley + CO

Did you grow up hearing “money is the root of all evil”? I did. So many of us were taught this toxic and debilitating belief around money that keeps us from truly receiving the amount of money we desire and deserve.

This is especially true for woman coaches and entrepreneurs who have a big mission to heal the world. There seems to be an inherent belief that making money is not spiritual. There is also a general lack of understanding of the depth of their own value these incredibly gifted woman leaders bring. The truth is, the Mo’ Money we make, the Mo’ Miracles we create!

Tune into this power-packed episode with Sandra Haseley, owner of Sandra Haseley + CO. and founding partner of Generation Impact Consulting, LLC,. Sandra shines some light on the direct link that making money and having money has on the impact you are able to make in this world. She also shares some tangible tips for getting started on your up-leveling journey as well.

To learn more about Sandra Haseley and Sandra Haseley + CO, visit: https://sandrahaseley.com/

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Sandra Haseley

Speaker/Author/Mentor & Coach

Sandra Haseley began her career in international commercial real estate, working up to a director-level position, where she managed, secured, and helped develop over $500 million in real estate deals. As a result, she was sought out as a consultant by several commercial clients and professional network.

After years in commercial real estate, she founded an organizing company for personal and professional solutions, later co-founding Buffalo, New York’s highest-rated all-natural weight loss program, Revolution Weight Loss, where she ran a team of health experts and transformed lives daily across the country. She's created systems and schedules to run the businesses without working more than 36 hours a week.

She has also been hired by one of Tony Robbins' companies as a corporate consultant and a keynote speaker, helping to design, host, and coach for their entrepreneurial clients.

Today, Sandra Haseley is an international best-selling author, keynote speaker, and high-performance mentor, inspiring women to expand their brands using proven strategy, systems, and powerful mindset while working less and having way more fun.