March 23, 2022

Mental Health: Is it an epidemic? w/Amanda Abbinanti of Evolving Nutrition & NutraNorthWest

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Fear, anxiety, and depression are at an all-time high in both children and adults. We clearly have an issue. Of course, the isolation and fear of the pandemic have exacerbated it. 

In this episode, Amanda Abbinanti shares some of the key factors and theories including the gut-brain connection and how our gut flora plays a role in our mental health. She also shares some helpful tips on how to approach this through vitamin supplementation and other mindfulness tools.

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Amanda AbbinantiProfile Photo

Amanda Abbinanti

President and Co-Founder

A graduate of the University of Washington, Amanda Abbinanti is the President and Co-Founder of Evolving Nutrition and NutraNorthwest, a family-owned nutraceutical/supplement distribution company and patient portal. Evolving Nutrition and NutraNorthwest offers a wide range of professional-only product lines, to licensed health care practitioners and their patients.

Amanda takes pride in her ability to educate the Evolving Nutrition and NutraNorthwest clients, on product selections, and helping to find the right supplement, is her number one priority.

Gift for all Podcast Listeners: Amanda and Evolving Nutrition are offering 15% off your order through their retail website, Enter coupon code NNWPC at checkout. If you are a licensed health care practitioner, please visit to set up your online account. If you are a patient, please visit for all your nutraceutical needs. You can also reach both companies by dialing (800)458-0891.