May 24, 2022

Love is Eternal | Lisa Eddy SOLO

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What if love really IS always the answer? 

I think love is so misunderstood. We're not typically taught how to have really healthy, loving interactions and relationships - including how to break up, makeup, and everything in between! 

We also don’t typically discuss the impact that giving and receiving love has on us human beings, and even often discount the value when something goes south on us. Even though relationships are the places where our biggest wounds are created, relationships are also where and how we heal those wounds. 

In this episode, I share stories and teachings I have learned on love in my 50 years here on planet earth. What I know for sure is that some of our briefest interactions - ranging from a sweet moment shared with a stranger on the street, to a sexy brief love affair - can be just as powerful and transformative, if not more so, than a long-standing relationship. The love that we share is eternal…valid…transformative… essential and it is also the sacred medicine or salve we need to heal and grow.


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Lisa Eddy

Soul + Skin Mentor

Lisa Eddy is an award-winning esthetician, who has been a leader, educator, and mentor in the beauty industry for over 25 years. She is an amazon best-selling author, and the creator of the Sacred Beauty® Lifestyle Podcast, Lisa Eddy Skin Food, and the Sacred Beauty Method. She helps established women leaders de-age from the stressful lives they live and regain confidence in themselves so they can become the magnetic face of their business.

When she is not making the world more beautiful (literally), she can be found soaking in the tub, journaling in her infrared sauna, painting, or basking in the sun!