Feb. 9, 2022

Listening as a Spiritual Practice & Chocolate as Medicine w/Antonio Aversano of the Cacao Connection

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During this time of great remembering here on planet earth, we are coming back to our roots.  Ancient wisdom from many various indigenous teachings and cultures is returning to help us.

Antonio Aversano is a Soul Supporter & Sound Ceremonialist, as well as the Creator & Founder of the Cacao Connection. He loves guiding people on their journey of living and helping them discover their life purpose. 

In this episode, he shares his passion and deep wisdom in the form of powerful tips and tools for healing and dealing on your path.

Guest Information:To learn more about Antonio & The Cacao Connection, click here.                        Use coupon code: LisaLove for 15% off your first order of Sacred Cacao. 


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Antonio AversanoProfile Photo

Antonio Aversano

Soul Supporter & Sound Ceremonialist

Antonio is a soul supporter and sound ceremonialist who is guided to help people remember the Gift of who they are and their Soul calling here on planet Earth. He considers himself a “presence practitioner” who creates spaces of “deep listening” for people to grow just enough awareness, to perceive and receive the Sacred instructions of their life.

Being a multi-talented rainbow spectrum artist and practitioner, Antonio is guided by the Divine breadcrumbs of life to serve people through an array of healing and awakening offerings such as soul purpose coaching sessions, diverse group experiences, meditation practices, outdoor journeys, ceremonial cacao offerings, breathing freedom training, and through creative expressions as a conduit for sound and song.

All of this is ultimately in service to all beings everywhere and the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.