March 29, 2022

Is it Depression or Adrenal Fatigue? w/Penny Dejager of Rootology Wellness Therapy

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Adrenal fatigue or burnout is way more common than we realize and especially in women. We are often on overdrive trying to be wonder women raising children and running businesses to our own demise. 

Our adrenal health is responsible for so many other systems and functions like keeping our hormones and weight in check as well as many other bodily functions including our blood pressure. Some of what you hear about the body does not have to be a normal part of aging!

In this episode, Penny shares how someone with adrenal fatigue can present as depressed and is often misdiagnosed. There can be a lot of the same symptoms - exhaustion, emotions out of whack, and physical pain - so it can be very confusing.  It is so important for you to listen to your body's symptoms and not dismiss them. 

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Penny DeJager


Penny is a Certified Holistic Nutrition and Metabolic Balance Coach and the founder of Rootology Wellness Therapy. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology, she provides personalized nutrition coaching, focusing on the root cause.

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