Nov. 8, 2022

How Words Create Intentions w/ Frank Gjata of Conscious Ink

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Can your words impact your thoughts, actions, and future? Frank Gjata has serious thoughts on this.  He is the founder of Conscious Ink, an empowerment company utilizing temporary tattoos with the tagline “Temporary on the Skin, Indelible on the Soul.”

In this episode we talk about why telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth can feel so dangerous and scary, and how you can ease into it with just a little vulnerability. We also cover how words affect your mindset to help you consciously and enthusiastically create a life you truly love. 

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Frank Gjata has spend the last twenty years creating innovative tools that support people (including himself) to wake up, live consciously and enthusiastically love the life we live.

In 2009, Frank founded Conscious Ink, an empowerment company utilizing temporary tattoos as powerful wearable reminders created to disrupt self-defeating patterns, inviting new, more aligned ways of being. With his creation of this innovative company, Frank actually invented an entire new category for temporary tattoos, geared at adults in this meaningful way, as it never had existed before. Today, Conscious Ink is recognized internationally, serves tens of thousands of people, supports charities and causes through its “Give-Ink Back” initiative, and can be found in hundreds of retail stores around the world.

With a unique ability to communicate deep, meaningful and transformational concepts in a fun, lighthearted, and sometimes even quirky way, Frank and/or his work, has been featured in publications, such as Mantra Yoga + Health Magazine, Shape Magazine, Modern Meditation, The Good News Network, Fitness Magazine, Forbes, and Yoga Journal. He’s been on numerous podcasts, and was a member of the Speaker Selection Committee for TedX Bend.

Frank is also an accomplished writer, speaker, coach, and filmmaker. An adaptation of his recent short film, “The Great Dictator Returns”, a remake of Charlie Chaplin’s inspirational speech from the film “the Great Dictator”, has over 440K views on YouTube: In his days as a writer for advertising, he won over 100 national and international industry awards, including the Cannes Film Festival.

As a transformational coach, he offers the freeing and transformational practice of “acKNOWLEDGE IS POWER!” (, igniting organic change and blissful journeys through the practice of acknowledging the truth in the moment, unconditional acceptance, authentic communication and the breaking of old unconscious patterns... all with a sense of humor and the utmost compassion. In 2011, he launched, a website that features unique tools, companies and services that support people to wake up, discover and live their bliss…this is his personal bliss. A couple of the free offerings on the site are:, and

A gift for you: Try Conscious Ink with a free “choose love now” 2-Pack ($5 value)