April 12, 2022

How Crystals Amplify Your Intentions w/ Carly Tway of Merkababe Designs

Want to give your intentions a little oomph? 
Curious about working with crystals and want a little guidance? 

Crystals are incredibly impactful in amplifying our intentions. Wearing crystals, in the form of jewelry, is incredibly effective in particular because as you see, feel and touch the stone(s)  throughout the day, it is a tangible reminder of your intentions. 

In this episode Carly Tway, a modern-day mystic and the creator of Merkababe Designs shares some great practical tips on how to: 

  • connect with your crystals
  • infuse your intentions in your crystals
  • clean and clear your crystals 
  • and more! 

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Carly Tway


Carly Tway is a multi-hyphenated person. She is the owner of Merkababe Designs, an online crystal shop carrying stones, metaphysical tools, and handcrafted jewelry. There are many facets to Carly, but to sum it up, she is a mystic just like you. She has dedicated her life to spiritual exploration and the healing arts studying and receiving certifications in Sound Therapy, Vibrational Alignment, Energy Healing, Crystal Therapy and Massage, Sound Bath Experiences, Breathwork, and Meditation. Diving headfirst into the spiritual realms and then sharing her findings with rawness, realness, and a bit of humor is her jam. Living in Southern California, Carly leads group classes, conducts transformational sessions with Sound, Vibration, Energy and Crystal Therapies, and much more.

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