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Becca Chilczeknowski

Functional Practitioner/Mom/Athlete

My name is Becca and FitMom came to fruition because I fell in love with health and fitness after it changed my life multiple times in multiple ways.

I personally dealt with a tough postpartum after my first pregnancy to where I was trying to 'do it all', and not supporting my body properly and ran into low hormones, adrenal fatigue, and my body's health declining fast.

I had to take a step back from a lot of things I loved (fitness, fast paced life) to heal and have finally found balance and the support my body needs to keep up with what I want for myself and my life.

I'm also a mom of 2 little ones (4 y/o Carson and 1 year old Tay Tay) and a wife to my husband Nick – who is my opposite in all the right ways. Our family loves family date nights, Sunday church, and lots of outside and active time!

Sept. 20, 2022

That Shit Will Come Out Your Skin w/Liz Roman & Becca Chilcz

Can constipation and digestion issues actually cause breakouts, rashes and dandruff? 100%! In fact, Internal imbalances are major…

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