May 31, 2022

Following Your Hearts True Desires w/ Ariane Olshansky of HugxHoney

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Do you have the courage to give up the good enough to go for your “hell yes” heart's true desire?  Sometimes, from the outside, it looks like you “have it all” in a relationship but deep inside you know something is missing. Relationships offer our biggest challenges and our biggest opportunities for growth. 

Yet, it can be so flippin’ difficult navigating how to be true to thyself while making choices for the highest good of all involved. Sometimes we outgrow contracts we have with people and need to rewrite them so we can all live our best lives. 

Tune in as Ariane shares some beautiful examples of what is possible in life and love when you listen to your heart and act accordingly. 

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Ariane Olshansky

Ariane is a holistic coach specializing in the areas of love, spirituality, health, finances and life purpose. She is passionate about international travel and dance. She is a single mother of two awesome teens and a 16 year old mini Goldendoodle named The Dood.