Nov. 23, 2021

Evidence of Your Evolution w/Serah D'Laine of Sovereign Alliance

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Are you feeling stuck? If you feel like you have lost your "mojo" in your relationship or your professional life, you are not alone. In fact, if growth is your goal, you will always hit a new plateau, and therefore a new bottom as well.  Most times, we can’t see what is happening at the moment, and end up feeling bad or guilty for the way we feel. 

Serah D'Laine, self-leadership mentor, business strategist, and founder of Sovereign Alliance is here to flip the script on this conversation with some unconventional wisdom.  In this episode, Serah shares how hitting these plateaus is actually a good thing as it is evidence of your evolution! Tune in to learn how to bust through the glass ceiling so you can play a bigger game.

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Serah D'Laine

Self Leadership Mentor + Business Strategist

Serah D'Laine - Leadership Mentor + Business Strategist - Former professional actress.

Serah leverages her experience as a professional actress to now work with female entrepreneurs + executives, who have reached a professional plateau + want to shatter their glass ceiling + level up their business. She teaches the most effective techniques that rewire your mind + create the personality you need to become to unapologetically stand in your power. In business, she helps to skyrocket your success by creating their unique high-ticket offers + strategizing your online presence to position your brand as the leading expert.
Serah began honing her entrepreneurial + self-taught skills in personality psychology, human behavior + personal branding at age 13, in the entertainment industry. While all seemed beautiful on the outside - parties with top celebrities, red carpet lifestyle + making 6 figures before she know how to balance a checkbook, she was silently struggling through dissociation resulting from mental + emotional abuse. Feeling alone, disconnected + numb, she turned to drugs + alcohol just trying to feel something. Trying to feel alive, ultimately lead to a near-death experience (NDE) + Kundalini awakening at 25 years old, in the middle of her budding career. The event switched on heightened sensory abilities + changed the trajectory of her life forever. She made the difficult decision to put a successful Hollywood career on hold + follow her soul’s calling down a transformational journey of deeper self-mastery + spiritual awareness.
Teaching the many facets of transformation since 2011, Serah created the “HigherHER” method, integrating emotional mastery, subconscious reprogramming + spiritual awareness into proven practices + the most effective formulas for creating positive neural pathways. She works with powerhouse women all over the world to build their empires + reach their next level of success.
Serah believes that when you reconnect to your highest self, integrate all parts of your personality to be in alignment with your purpose, you can truly show up as your authentic self. Serah is a stand for helping the women who are inspired, making an impact in the world towards positively influencing cultural change + advancing the spiral of higher consciousness.

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