Feb. 15, 2022

Ever Feel Like Your Energy is Wack? w/Maysa of As Long As You’re Breathing

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We are energetic beings first and foremost, yet we aren’t really taught this. Because it is not common knowledge, talking about it can seem taboo and crazy to people. As a result, most of us don’t know how to manage our energy and often end up depleted. 

In this episode, Maysha shares some fantastic tips for what she calls, “energy hygiene”, so you can make conscious choices that take you from feeling wack to feeling whole and empowered.

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Maysha CrysupProfile Photo

Maysha Crysup


Maysha is a Vlogger, Author, Singer/Songerwriter/Musician, Chronic Pain and Invisible Illness Patient-Expert, and utilizes her many intuitive gifts as a Channel and Energy Management Specialist. A culmination of her life's experiences, including a career as a Long Term Care Consultant and Health Care Continuing Educator, led to her founding the unique platform As Long As You're Breathing, Keep LIVING, to host educational and inspiring interviews
related to spiritual awakening, spiritual gifts, and related healing modalities.