May 3, 2022

Courage to Take the Leap w/ Kristyn Caetano of EVOLVE Entrepreneur Academy

Like many of us here now, Kristyn Caetano of EVOLVE Entrepreneur Academy has a passion and desire to heal herself, others, and the planet. Her mission is to get more medicine and healing into the world so all the healers and teachers are more effective at getting their medicine out there. 

In this episode, Kristyn shares that whatever you want to create or express - whether it be through a passion project or becoming an entrepreneur - is all an inside job. Your personal healing is a fast track to the evolution of your own soul and a way to become a higher version of yourself. It's time to be relentless in your own transformation so that you can help facilitate the greater transformation that is happening on planet earth. 

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Kristyn Caetano

Business Mentor & Founder of EVOLVE Entrepreneur Academy

Kristyn Caetano is a Business Mentor and Founder of EVOLVE Entrepreneur Academy.

She teaches Visionary Healers and Coaches how to sell out their programs using streamlined marketing systems, soulful strategy, and online events, so they can create a profitable + impactful business they LOVE.

Her unique approach combines savvy business-building steps WITH powerful mindset tools (and lots of love) to help her clients overcome blocks, find clarity, and create unlimited success.

She is also a travel junkie (45+ countries and counting!), avid hiker, and tea aficionado.