March 8, 2022

Can Eating Plants Raise Your Vibe? w/ Kate Young, Holistic Nutritionist

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Indeed, they can and do. In this episode, Kate Young, a Holistic Nutritionist, shares how pure plant foods measure at a higher frequency than processed foods.  She also shares that when we eat high-frequency foods such as fresh organic fruits and vegetables, it raises our energetic quality, in turn, we take the elevation. 

You really ARE what you eat. 

Guest Information: To learn more about Kate Young click here. ***********************************************************************************Show Info: Watch future episodes of the podcast on YouTube.

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Kate YoungProfile Photo

Kate Young

Mum, Holistic Nutritionist and All Round Wellbeing Warrior

Kate Young is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist that brings in an array of frequency medicines to get to the root of what’s happening in your body.

When it comes to Whole-Being Wellness Kate knows how to get real foods into your body in stress free ways! Her specialty is getting you fuelled with dense nutrients without a lot of hassle which make it easier to create more balance within yourself, your family and your environment. Kate also uses the energy patterning of numbers to determine the wonderful strengths and challenges of you and your children so that you can understand and connect with yourself and your family on a much deeper, richer level.

She's an energy mover and frequency raiser as well as a passionate toxin free living educator and advocate. She loves getting to that wellbeing from every angle...every level of you deserves ease, clarity and goodness!

You will often find Kate playing freely outside in the sunshine, “geeking” out with crystals and oils, or in nature with her two young children!