May 17, 2022

Are You Helping or Hiding? w/ Dianna Leeder of Crave More Life

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As women, we are often taught to help others at the cost of ourselves. It can be confusing because we can feel like we are being noble or “doing the right thing” while often betraying our own desires, needs, and voice in the process. 

Dianna Leeder of Crave More Life realized she was doing this very thing which triggered her to go inside to do more profound healing to help women on a larger scale. Now she helps women unapologetically find and use their voice by living out loud.

In this episode, Dianna shares that everyone has a story and how important our stories are to not only help heal ourselves but as a guide for others. Writing is a great release. Your story has to come out in one way or another, you might as well have it be a creative, healing outlet.

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Dianna Leeder

Author/Coach/Life Hack/Fellow Voice User

Dianna Leeder CPCC, is an author, podcaster, CEO, and Intuitive Life Hack at Crave More Life Coaching, where she is showing the world that women know they have a voice and are confident enough to unapologetically use it. She works with women who are tired of being quiet to use their understanding of their inner selves to heal their voices and live out loud. Through her Voices of Women Project and the Find Your Voice, Save Your Life Book series, women are given a platform for healing by openly sharing their stories that support women readers, to begin on their own healing path.