Nov. 16, 2021

Are You Breathing Properly? w/Aubree Saia of The Breath of Life Sacred Living Arts Training School

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Your breath is an extremely powerful and misunderstood tool. Although, breathing is probably not something you give much thought to since it does not (typically) take any effort on your part.   As a result, you are often missing out on a multitude of benefits. 

In this episode, Aubree Saia shares her passion and deeply enlightening nuggets of wisdom on conscious breathing and how it can not only transform your consciousness but also your health, happiness, and energy as well. 

Aubree is a Transformational Guide and Embodiment Alchemist, as well as the Creator & Founder of The Breath of Life Sacred Living Arts Training School. 

Guest Information: To learn more about Aubree Saia and her envedours, click here.  


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Aubree Saia

Transformational Guide & Embodiment Alchemist

Aloha & Namaste, I'm Aubree!

I'm a Transformational Guide and Embodiment Alchemist. I'm passionate about inspiring people with practice and possibility! I mentor & empower holistic practitioners and modern mystics on their healing quest to transform consciousness, optimize their life force and embody sacred soul purpose; so they can rise and thrive doing what they love.

I'm a Conscious Breath Facilitator/Trainer, Prana Vinyasa® Yoga Teacher Trainer, TRE® provider, Certified Raw Chef & Holistic Health Guide. I believe in a full spectrum holistic approach to cultivating radiant health, wellbeing & living an inspired life. The practices I share are an integration of my more than 20 years of teaching, world travels, vast studies & authentic experience in the yogic healing arts and beyond.