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Lisa walks the talk

I love Lisa’s authenticity! She aims to bring in guests from all walks of life to show a really well rounded and authentic view of wellness that is healing to anyone who listens. Must follow for those who are looking to upgrade their lives!

Wisdom and wit!

Lisa's got it all! She's full of sass, spunk and soul wisdom. Give her a listen for an uplift to your day!

Soulful & Empowering

Absolutely love this show! Lisa is such a bright, empowering, unapologetically awesome host. I love her insightful comments, and how real and vulnerable she keeps things. She brings up great topics and ideas that inspire you to keep growing while celebrating yourself! 💖

Wishing You Wellness

Wow wow wow!!! Lisa’s energy is absolutely contagious and she has the best voice for podcasting. I loved her episode about being a highly sensitive person and it really resonated with me. You’ve made a loyal listener of me already <33

A great guide to wellness internally & externallly

Lisa is a beautiful spirit and addresses issues a lot of women experience within their beauty routine & lifestyle. Highly recommend!

Great energy

So much amazing self care topics, outstanding interviews, super interesting!!!

Great content and convo

I love this combo of spirituality and beauty. Everything is connected and these are great interviews!

Exactly what this space needs!

There is something so magical about Lisa’s energy and it’s so felt through these episodes. She really does a beautiful job of bridging the worlds of beauty and skin with spiritual principles. I have listened to every episode thus far and have thoroughly enjoyed each one. Each guest brings something different and I’ve learned something new every time I listen! Amazing.

Great listen!

So glad to find this podcast. It’s a must-listen for anyone who wants to improve your inner beauty. I leave feeling uplifted and empowered. Thank you for this podcast!