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Not Your Average Psychic- Rachelle Jenkens & Saskia Nefkens

Psychic medium - psychologists

We, Saskia and Rachelle, are both psychics and certified psychologists with a clinical background - an unusual and unique combination. We help people worldwide find their purpose and live a more authentic and enriched life. We provide guidance in individual and group settings, retreats, and as public speakers at various events. In addition, we find joy in helping people remember their psychic abilities in our very own psychic school.

March 7, 2023

Note to Self: It’s All Good w/ Rachelle Jenkens & Saskia Nefkens of N…

It can be hard to remember that everything really is working out in your favor, especially when you feel like you are getting your booty kicked from the universe. Note to self and reminder that no matter what it looks …

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