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Amayra Morales

Ayurveda Health Coach

In her ‘past life’, and for over 10 years, Amayra was busy climbing the corporate ladder until she hit her lowest health point – she burnt herself out and ended up in the hospital.
After she was released from the hospital, Amayra went from specialist to specialist to try to find answers to the long list of symptoms she was experiencing following her burnout. With each specialist appointment, Amayra became increasingly disempowered as she didn’t feel listened to – not one specialist was able to explain the root cause of her symptoms – rather, they kept prescribing her medication that yielded no results.
Amayra started to question every aspect of her life and realised that her time in the corporate world was over. She packed her bags and bought a one-way ticket to India to fulfil her dream of becoming a yoga teacher.
During her time in India, she became very sick and through a series of fortunate events, ended up at an Ayurvedic clinic. For Amayra, this was the beginning of the end because through the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda she was able to connect the dots of her symptoms, and find good health again.
Because of her first-hand experience with Ayurveda, and realising the power of this ancient medicine, Amayra went on to study Ayurveda. She now realises that her health challenges were a gift because it’s something she had to overcome to get to where she is today so that she can share her message from a place of experience, love, and compassion.
Amayra now understands that her Dharma (soul’s mission) is to help women regain control of their health, life, and happiness. She loves working with women and seeing the progress and transformation they achieve through their hard work and commitment to change.
Amayra aims to empower women to see their kitchen as their pharmacy, sleep as medicine, movement as well-being, mindfulness practices as a powerful tool, self-care as vital, and connection to Pachamama as healing.

March 21, 2023

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